About us

About us

The Public Foundation “International Agency on Quality Assurance” ( InAQA) started activities in 2015.


The main goal of InAQA is the promotion of quality education, the development of new types of skills and competencies for enhancing of capacity building of Human Resources ( including the development of a National Qualification system, occupation standards, educational programmes, the accreditation of educational programs, implementation of an innovative tool to the learning process, especially digital tool (eLearning, blended learning, MOOCs, virtual learning system).

Main tasks and activities

InAQA in close cooperation and partnership with universities, NGOs, and donor organizations, annually holds international conferences, round tables, seminars, and training on various aspects of developing a quality culture in educational institutions with the involvement of international experts and trained more than 200 experts. InAQA engages in cooperation with experts who are involved in developing national strategic documents in the field of education, are leading experts in improving national qualification systems, establishing educational standards and programs, digital education, quality assessment of e-learning courses, and massive open online courses. The Foundation actively takes part in the development of regulatory documents both at the national and institutional levels. InAQA has significant experience in developing digital tools to support different types of teachers and learners.

Experience in actions and projects

"Development of mechanisms for financing the safety of the school educational environment in the Kyrgyz Republic"; - the project "Creation of training cases for the development of practical skills" subcontract with the Ministries of Finance; - Capacity building training for staff 0f Ministry of Economy of KR - sub-contract with Ministry of Economy of KR; - Development of Concept of National Qualification System - subcontraсt for experts; - analytical reports for the Central-Asia educational Platform - sub-contract "Summary report and Country briefs". Participant in project: 1. "Development of mechanisms for financing the safety of the school educational environment in the Kyrgyz Republic", 2. Sustainable tourism, rural entrepreneurship, and heritage, 3. European Dimension in Qualifications for the Tourist Sector, 4. Central Asia Education Platform (II)

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